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Thorley Hill Primary School

Pupil Voice

The Junior Leadership Team (JLT)

The Junior Leadership Team was formed because the voice of the pupils is of the utmost importance. The JLT ensures that the views, opinions and ideas of the children of the school are heard, listened to, and acted upon where possible. The first duty of the newly formed JLT was to vote upon what the JLT was responsible for. The decisions made by the children form the basis of our charter.

The JLT Charter – Please click here

The aims of the Junior Leadership Team (JLT) are:

  • To be a voice for the children of Thorley Hill Primary School
  • To help ensure our school is a safe, happy and fair environment for all children
  • To suggest ideas and to listen to the ideas of other children which will promote improvements throughout the school
  • To support fundraising events as appropriate

The JLT provides the opportunity for pupils to learn important life skills, such as speaking and listening, teamwork, problem-solving, moral reasoning, self esteem and self confidence. All of the pupils recognise that they have a voice that is valued.

How the JLT works

The JLT comprises of one boy and one girl from Reception to Year Six. The first members were elected in September 2015 but the JLT decided that the all subsequent representative members should always be elected at the end of the Summer Term to allow the new members to learn from the experienced Team.  Meetings take place regularly.

All pupils are encouraged to raise any issues or suggestions to their class representatives, which are discussed when the JLT meet. Representatives are then are able to report back on any decisions made to their classmates.

School Mascot

The JLT proposed ideas for a school mascot who would help to remind the children of their rights and responsibilities within school. The JLT proposed various animals and the classes voted on their favourite. The winning mascot was ‘Righty Whale’.